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Authorized New Jersey State Vendor


Flexco Corporation

Premier manufacturer of high quality mechanical fasteners • belt cleaners • belt trainers • lagging • skirt clamps • cleats tools

Gates Corporation

Leading manufacturer of rubber products including industrial and automotive belts and hoses
Price Rubber

Price Rubber Corporation

Specialists in tailor-made industrial rubber conveyor belts • any specification • any width & length • many compounds & fabrics
Flex Co


Top manufacturer of motors • gear reducers & drives • gearmotors • power transmission components


Manufacturer of quality lubricants delivering outstanding extreme pressure protection & excellent anti-wear properties

Product Lines:

Flexco Gates Price Rubber Lubripate Leeson Precision Pulley HubCity Baldor

Flexco Corporation

As one of New Jersey's premier distributors of Flexco belting products, we can maximize your productivity and minimize your conveyor downtime by installing one of Flexco's high quality fasteners. Regardless of the type of conveyor belt you are operating, our service department can install, service, and repair these fasteners, helping you maintain top productivity. Our customers have found that these products maximize their belt conveyor uptime because they are reliable, durable, and functional. In addition to mechanical fasteners, we are also the distributors of Flexco's complete family of belt cleaners, belt trainers, lagging, skirt clamps, cleats, tools and other accessories. These products will maximize your production and performance up and down the conveyor line.

Atlantic Belt's team of experts has extensive field and factory training in the installation of heavy duty mechanical fasteners. This experience has given us the know-how and taught us the importance of installing these fasteners according to exact factory specifications.

For more information on the full line of Flexco products or to order parts, please contact

Gates Corporation

Industrial belts provide power to all kinds of machines in a multitude of industries. Whether you are in the construction, food handling, or aggregate business, it is our goal at Atlantic Belt to increase your facility's production uptime and avoid costly belt failures. Based on our years of experience, we have chosen to use the products offered by Gates Corporation when servicing our customer's machines. Gates Corporation is the leading manufacturer of rubber products, industrial and automotive belts and hoses, plus a host of related products. These products are reliable; providing functionality and durability to your equipment. Due to the extensive product line that Gates Corporation has made available to us, we are able to service your equipment in a timely and cost effective manner, thereby reducing costly downtime.

For more information on Gates Corporation products or to order parts, please contact

Price Rubber Corporation

Atlantic Belt sells and installs heavy weight industrial rubber conveyor belting from Price Rubber Corporation. These conveyor belts are used to handle everything from feathers and sand to lead ore and fertilizer. Price Rubber specializes in tailor-made belts, any specification, any width and length, thereby allowing us to sell and install the right belt for your application. Each product carries a manufacturer's warranty and guarantee against material defect or workmanship for the life of the product.

The experts at Atlantic Belt can help you choose from 18 compounds and 189 fabrics offered by Price Rubber Corporation to tailor make a belt that fits your current conveyor system, regardless of its size or age. After the belt has been manufactured and shipped to our location in Toms River, NJ, Atlantic Belt's team of experts will install the belt. Our goal is to minimize your downtime because we realize time is money.

For more information on Price Rubber products or to order parts, please contact


Atlantic Belt is your source for a wide range of Lubriplate lubricants used in the material handling industry and with power equipment. These lubricants deliver outstanding extreme pressure protection, excellent anti-wear properties, and very low coefficients of friction, resulting in lower operating temperatures, reduced power consumption and longer engine life. Maintaining your equipment will minimize equipment downtime and help you avoid costly losses in production time. We offer all lubricants at the lowest possible price and stock a large inventory of these products that can be purchased at our retail location. We also use these premier lubricants when we come to service, repair, or install new equipment at your location.

For more information on Lubriplate products or to order a product please contact


Leeson motors can be found on material handling equipment, fans and blowers, machine tools, power transmission products, agricultural applications, food processing equipment, and a host of other industrial and commercial products. As a distributor of Leeson products, we primarily stock motors, gearmotors, gear reducers and drives. We can install, service, and repair your motors to minimize downtime and maximize production time. Our experience and understanding of your business and the equipment that you use sets us apart from our competitors. Our knowledge plus the proven durability and reliability of Leeson's products insures that your company will save both time and money.

For more information on Lesson products or to order parts, please contact

Precision Pulley

Atlantic Belt uses Precision Pulley & Idler conveyor components to solve customer problems in all aspects of the material handling industry. These high quality products include conveyor pulleys, belt idlers and other conveyor components. Whether you are moving sand, gravel, chemicals or food products, these high quality products are critical to the efficient operation of your facility. With the use of Precision Pulley & Idler conveyor components, along with our experience, training, and team approach, we insure that your facility will be operating at maximum efficiency with minimal downtime.

For more information on Precision Pulley & Idler products or to order parts, please contact


HubCity makes a wide range of gear drives, gearmotors, and related power transmission components for a variety of applications. Does your application require a compact gear drive that delivers reliable, robust performance? HubCity products are ready to meet the demands of your business. They have developed products of the highest quality and have many off the shelf products that will meet your immediate needs. HubCity products are used by many of our customers, both large and small, and require little to no maintenance from our team of well trained technicians.

For more information on HubCity products or to order parts please contact


We believe that offering solutions, service, and product knowledge on a timely basis is critical to the success of our customers. Equipment downtime is both costly and disruptive to your business. That is why we have chosen to distribute Baldor industrial motors, drives and generators to our customers. Baldor industrial motors, drives, and generators are energy efficient, reliable and well designed. These products have a proven track record in providing long-term savings by reducing electricity costs and having minimal breakdowns.

For more information on Baldor products or to order parts, please contact